Mission: To provide high quality convenience and comprehensive driving education course at an affordable rate. The most important aspect of driver education is SAFETY.

If you need to take permit exam please email our office to schedule your test (only for ages 16 and 17)

New Jersey Drivers Ed Classes

In New Jersey, you can obtain your learner's permit starting at 16 years old, from either a high school course or a licensed driving school and Lenny Driving School is just the place to get started!

Lenny’s Driving School is dedicated to providing students with budget-friendly and informative driving education. Driving gives teens and adults the freedom and confidence of having a new learned skill. Having the freedom and knowledge of knowing how to properly operate a vehicle can open numerous doors such as employment and education. Lenny’s Driving School is dedicated to helping you get where you want to go and offers many different services to help you do just that.

Services Offered by Lenny’s Driving School:

  1. 6 hours of one-on-one instructed driving
  2. One site written and eye exam
  3. Road Test Services
  4. Additional lessons (if needed)
  5. Adult Lessons (Defensive Driving)
  6. DMV Knowledge Test tutoring session (Please email to schedule)

Learning how to drive is a skill that everyone must have. If you know how to drive, then you have another skill in your belt. It will be the start of a wonderful journey because you can then jump to deeper automotive learning an even driving for income. But before everything else, you need to find a reliable driving school. In Camden County, NJ, the professional driving school that you can trust is Lenny Driving School.

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